• Can be taught in the classroom.
  • Self-motivated, No trainer required if
    used in the field. No overtime required /
    less downtime for training. Economical to
  • Self-paced + written questions so
    students retain more knowledge.
  • Employees retain their own copies for
    reference and reflection.
  • Exceeds OSHA and Operator
    requirements by providing visual hazard
  • Takes training out of the theory zone and
    into the work zone where it does the
    most good.  
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Workbook Training is the most
cost-effective training method
Hazard Recognition Poster Book
& individual posters
(click on the link)
Graphic Safety LLC offers the most robust collection of illustrated hazards on the planet!
Fall Prevention
Illustrated Workbook

With OSHA's new proposed legislation
on 'Slips, Trips & Falls' will likely come
new training requirements.  This 59
page workbook covers those issues
and many more in three distinct
sections, fully illustrated.  Ladder
Hazards and usage are the second
section, graduating to Fall arrest,
positioning systems, hazards, rescue
and much more.  This is a very unique
and vital workbook that will make
communicating these issues more
pragmatic than ever.
Drilling Rig Hazard Recognition School for Supervisors
Fire & Hot Work Safety
Illustrated Workbook
This program is a game-changer.  With this illustrated
"encyclopedia of job function and rig hazards, your
supervisors can accelerate the training of roughnecks
like never before.  Finally a training program that is
worthy of the rapid pace of land based drilling.
Tools - Use & Hazards
Illustrated Workbook
60 pages, 352 illustrations

This is a primer for all employees who use tools
to be able to see and learn the types of tools,
visually understand the illustrated hazards, and
to certify their knowledge via testing.

This training is the
basic foundation for
recognizing and mitigating hazards.
 Don't miss
this one if you are serious about having a solid
safety program along with increasing on-the-job
Free* Drug & Alcohol
Hazard Recognition
Program Download
An employee
awareness training
Pumps & Pressurized Equipment Hazards.pdf
Would you like to see an excerpt from the JFT class?  Click the file below and download the
section for training employees to deal with the hazards of pumps & pressure.  

Email me and let me know if you agree that visual training on this issue conveys the right message
for employees to recognize hazards.
If you need safety
consulting, training or
management click the link
above for SHARP.  Dave is
an expert.
personal self-rescue device,
an easy to use safe means
buildings when traditional
exits are inaccessible.
These devices are life
savers and are therfore
valuable to private people
and companies.
Click on the workbook cover
to learn more.
Click on the workbook cover
to learn more.
The visual Learning series provides
a huge advantage in educating
employees about jobs and hazards.
Visual Learning Series
Next Level Training - You’ve not seen safety like this!
The design of these workbooks makes safety training flow and look easy.  Extensive, high quality
illustration guides each student.  This is a 'smart training system' because students will be aided in
overcoming comprehension and learning difficulties.  VLS is easy on the eyes.

  • Extensively illustrated (inherently multi-lingual) – Since it is proven that people “think in pictures”
    understanding  is more rapidly achieved.  Because of this we were able to pack in more
    information than is normally provided.  But it just doesn't feel cumbersome.
  • Illustrated hazards so the rules have context. Students see the very real dangers and learn to
    recognize hazards.  Students will get more out of this.
All of these workbooks are part of
the Visual Learning Series
Illustrated Safety Posters
Confined Space
Fall Prevention
Fire & Hotwork
Pipe Handling
Click on the workbook cover
to learn more.
Click on the workbook cover
to learn more.
Basics of Drilling Illustrated
Brand New* not an upgrade!

We have reinvented the Roughnecking
101 workbook and added
illustrations.  145 more than the version
it replaced (2016).  This unique
workbook will educate your employees
about hazards and ways to avoid injury,
in context.  Order your copy today!

$35.00 per copy.
Workbook Training Flyer.pdf
You have never seen Fire Safety &
Hotwork taught like this.  Over 300
illustrations make this a visual
learning tool like no other.  Hazard
Recognition questions on almost
every page make this a "hands-on"
learning experience.  
Workbook Series Qualities